Monday, 28 September 2009


Has been a while since I actually got down to normal scrapping and managed more than 1/2 a layout in a day but this weekend just gone I actually managed 2 and 2 1/2 layouts! lol. So here are the 2 completed ones.

Would love to say that this one was all my own idea but I actually took the design for the amazingly talented Celine Navarro ( You should sooooo go and check her stuff out, it's amazing!

And this Lo I just HAD to do. As soon as I saw the colour of the ice-cream my bf had on our holiday I knew it would make a great lo!

Anywyas got to get ready for work :( Thanks for looking :)


  1. Blue Ice Cream???? Love the 2 LO's and the title of the 1st is great lol

  2. Fab work ... but whatever flavour was that ice cream?

  3. Love 'em both. Was it raspberry, that blue muck?!!