Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bows & Brushes - WOYWW

I didn't do a WOYWW post last week because nothing had changed on my desk, sadly I hadn't got around to doing any crafting really. This week I am showing you my other workdesk as this is the one I have been working at this week. Yes I'm greedy and have 2 desks! 
The desk I showed where I did my art journalling is my messy desk. The one that I do card making, scrapbooking and art journalling on. The desk I am about to show you is my business making desk, the one I use to make my hair bows and jewellery for my handmade business. I find it so much easier having the 2 as I can keep my business separate from my personal crafting.

So this is that desk this week.

You can see a lot of in progress bows and my new fabric bow on a head band. I'm still unsure about that one to be honest, I'm not sure if the bow is a bit big for the band. I have also started making up some school sets that you can just see in the left hand corner, I am just waiting on some more bits to finish them off!

The brushes in the middle of my desk were my fave finished make this week. They are a new product for me, well I say new the decoration bit it new as I was just covering them with buttons before. But I LOVE these, think the blue and purple are my favourites, I just adore those little bees!

Got a lot of mini bows to make up this week as I am going to be sending some stuff to a shop for them to try and sell them for me, fingers crossed I sell lots lol! Well that's all from me this week.

Happy Crafting,
Maxine x


  1. Good luck on selling all your items. I agree the purple and blue brush with the bees is just awesome! Shel@paperoctillostudio #45

  2. Very cute creations! Thanks for sharing, and happy WOYWW!
    Catiecuddles aka Catherine #32

  3. Very pretty all of them! Good luck with the sales. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #6

    1. I'm 62. Second time the two didn't show up. Hmm

  4. They should sell, they are lovely. Loads of luck with that xx