Monday, 9 August 2010

Art Journaling...

I have been wanting to start Art Journaling for quite a while now and I have finally plunged in and completed my first page. I don't have many of the paints and stuff at the moment but still having a play anyways! I am not sure if I am happy with it or not...

Would love to know what you think... and any tips and ideas on what products are good to use and collage sheets you could recommend would be much appreciated.

Apologies for the curled edges and not the best picture, the light is always terrible in my room :(
I have since brought myself a spiral bound book to use as my journal, whereas this one is just on a thin piece of card, hence the curled edges. I am in despirate need of some Gesso and mist sprays now I think!
Thanks for looking,
Hugs and periwinkles x x


  1. Hiya, just saw your post on UKS and came to have a look. I'm a newbie art journaller as well. Love your page, bright colours esp. orange are my fav. I think you have a fab first page.

  2. loving it! Really like your page.

  3. Gorgeous 1st page Maxine - make sure you stick it in your journal. Lots of great texture in the background - wish my first page looked as good - looking forward to seeing more pages,

  4. OOh I like your first page, the colours really pop. It doesn't seem like this is a first page at all. There's quite a few links for collage sheets on my blog if you want to take a look. And by the way, when working in a journal, Tim Holtz mini clips are great to stop the pages curling. I always knew they would come in handy one day! :-)

  5. Way to go Maxine! This is a FAB first page, and I like the sentiment too! Do you think if you outlined the figure in pen it might stand out from the background better? Just a thought ... but then I can never resist fiddling with mine! When my pages are finished (and sometimes when they're works in progress) I put them under my cutting mat and forget about them for a while, and they come out nice and flat.