Sunday, 23 August 2009

Baking and Pretty Papers

Today is my boyfriends mum's birthday so I decided to make her a cake and some chocolates and this is the result:

Yummy chocolate fudge cake! I am very impressed with myself, it came out a lot better than I thought! You can also see the card I have made for her, Ia m not much of a card maker so it is quite simple but i think it's pretty!

And here are the truffles I made. They took much longer than I thought but I think they look good in the box. And you can also see in the edge of the pic the peppermint creams that I also made. And I am really nervous about this evening, I am cooking a meal at the boyfriends house for the first time, fingers crossed all goes well!

And now on a crafty note, I won some Pink Paislee papers from Sarah's Cards!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw that my name had come up, sooo excited when I received them and they are gorgeous:

The Cupid Collection is sooooo my colours and the Mistletoe & Co. collection is so different for xmas but I love papers that give you a challenge and they are also great because they are suitable for other occasions! Can't wait to get and use them, I love new papers!!

And finally look what I found in the pub last night:
Well not the paper obviously but look at the pear shaped beer mats! I just had to take them home, even though all my friends thought I had gone completly mad! and I even have the perfect paper to go with them. They will make a fabby mini book... just need to decide what photos would go well in it!


  1. That cake looks yummy and I have a thing about beer mats too :0)

  2. Cake looks absolutely DANGEROUS. I can feel the calories all the way to Denmark. WELL DONE. And pearshaped bearmats - how clever is that.... I would have taken some too...